Apple To Open Its First China Store In Beijing In Time For The Beijing Olympics

apple-to-open-first-china-store-in-beijing-in-time-for-beijing-olympicsApple will open its first directly-operated retail store on China in Beijing on July 19 just in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The three-storey store will open at popular SanLiTun area of the capital, and Apple is planning to open a second outlet during the Beijing Olympics in August.

Apple will sell its products and services at its recommended retail price in the store. This is a change from current practice where Apple China’s licensed resellers often charge higher than retail price. There is no further details from Apple China on the store’s opening.

The Apple branded stores will help Apple penetrate the China market, which has the No. 1 phone market and the No. 2 PC market worldwide. iPhone is expected to launch in mainland China later in 2008, based on comments by Steve Jobs. Apple will launch the 3G iPhone in Hong Kong on July 11, which is listed as the first 24 countries to get the 3G iPhone.