Nokia Booklet 3G To Compete With Apple Tablet?

Nokia is making the world spin this morning by announcing Booklet 3G, its first entry to selling computer. Never-mind that Nokia called its N-series smartphone a computer, we are looking at a full fledge computer with an Atom processor, 10-inch screen, netbook form-factor, integrated 3G/HSPA, build-in A-GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, front facing camera for video calling, 2cm 1.25kg aluminum body, HDMI for HD video output, 12-hour battery life and runs Windows 7.

There is no release date or price yet. More news about Nokia Booklet 3G will be available during Nokia World 2009 happening next week.

Waiting for Apple Tablet

Seems like the Apple tablet device is a ‘more or less’ confirmed product, even the reliable [Financial Times](,Authorised=false.html? has an article which confirms a September release for the new device. Some sites has predicted an early 2010 release.

From the rumors, the much-anticipated tablet has:

* 9.7-inch multi touch screen.
* Some said it looks like a jumbo iPod touch.
* 3G-enaled. Some said it will include LTE as well.
* Will not have a phone.
* Will price between the high-end iPhone and the most affordable MacBook. Some said $800.
* Possibility of Verizon Wireless as provider for Internet access in US.

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