AT&T and Verizon retail stores will begin selling iPad October 28

AT&T and Verizon announced Thursday that they will begin selling iPad in their retail stores on Thursday October 28. AT&T will carry all three iPad WiFi+3G models at its more than 2,200 AT&T Stores. Verizon will sell all six iPad model and will have special bundle for iPad WiFi model with its Verizon MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot router.

It is interesting to see Verizon carrying an Apple product in its store, signaling the likelihood of iPhone 4 appearing on Verizon network. Major presses such as Wall Street Journal and New York Times are reporting from reliable sources that Verizon will carry iPhone 4 beginning 2011.

Why AT&T Has To Wait For iPhone OS 4.0 For Internet Tethering?

Apple just released iPhone OS 4.0 SDK Beta 4 to its developers and some are surprised or overjoyed(?) to see internet tethering available as an network option in the new beta firmware.

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Tethering actually was a feature in iPhone OS 3.0 and some international carriers already support internet tethering for months now. But not in the US for AT&T. For many technically inclined, this is the sole reason why they disliked AT&T’s monopoly for iPhone. According to reports, AT&T did not offer internet tethering because its wireless network could not handle the traffic. This is the same concern AT&T had when it delayed rolling out of MMS service to the US. This must be a joke to other international carriers and market users.

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AT&T Exclusive Is Costing Apple

The newly released data on Monday from NPD Group shows that Android powered phones, responsible for 28 percent of all handsets sold, outsold iPhone for Q1 in the U.S. Android was the No. 2 selling smartphone operating system, behind Research In Motion’s 36 percent.

Those in the tech industry is well aware that iPhone’s platform, user experience and apps quality is still far ahead of the game compared with Androids. But to the general public, the NPD report signaled the arrival of Android phones as an viable alternative to iPhone. This probably sends an alarm to Apple as the PR machine in Cupertino responded by saying the NPD claim is from “limited” data and does not tell the whole story.

In fact the Android platform is fast catching up to iPhone and there is no shortage of Android apps now as there are over 50,000 of them. More importantly, there are more hardware choices with Android, many are cheaper than iPhone. You have Google Nexus One, Motorola Droid, HTC Incredible and handsets from Samsung and LG, etc. And then you have more carrier choices with Android.

We believe the lack of carrier choice is what costing Apple the numbers here. Three out of four major U.S. wireless carriers don’t have the iPhone. It is arrogance indeed if Apple thought everyone would change phone carrier for the sake of owning an iPhone. Two years ago this might work, but not so with competitors closing in.

So will we see iPhone in other carrier other than AT&T? There has been on-going rumors since iPhone’s launch that it is happening. The speculation no doubt will escalate with the impending launch of iPhone 4th generation. Engadget recently [reported]( that AT&T has an exclusive deal with Apple for 5 long year from 2007 till 2012. Whether the agreement is still valid is anyone’s guess. [Crunchgear rumored]( that Landor Associates, which handles Verizon’s branding, is working on an iPhone advertising campaign.

It is a win-win for Apple and consumers if more carriers have iPhone. We all will never know what’s the win for Apple for being AT&T exclusive, but this is costing Apple indeed, at least in public perception that Android is now doing better than iPhone.