Automation #3 – Resizing Photos Using Automator

Photo JPG files from modern digital camera has a high resolution that is often not necessary if you are posting the photos on the web for viewing. For example a 10M pixel camera typically produces photos in 2816×2112 resolution. For web viewing purpose, you might want to scale down to 1024 or 800 pixel for faster uploading and viewing.

You can use iPhoto or Preview to scale JPG file, but Automator can help you automate the process if you have large number of JPGs.

For this tutorial, we are getting Automator to automate the following:

* Prompt to ask us to choose the photos
* Copy the photos to *Pictures>output* folder so that original photos are not changed
* Apply resize action to the photos in the *Pictures>output* folder.

We are going to create an Automator **workflow** for this task, and will drag the necessary **actions** from the library to the workflow to achieve the above tasks.

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Automation #1 – Introduction To Automation On The Mac

Automator on Mac OS XWe are starting a new automation series where we post tutorials and tips on automating repetitive tasks and batch processing on the Mac. We will cover topics on Automator, AppleScript, Bash scripting and Ruby/Python programming. We give a brief overview to these tools and languages in the first post of the series.

### Automator and AppleScript

Mac OS X comes with Automator app to assist you to create automated tasks using an easy to use drag-and-drop user interface. Automator and its underlying AppleScript programming language is Apple’s recommended automation tool and language on the Mac. Most aspects of the Mac can be automated and controlled using the AppleScript language. Many third party OS X apps also provide an interface to allow you to control them via AppleScript.

(The definitive guide by Apple on Mac OS X automation is at [](

AppleScript is available only on the Mac but is not the only scripting language on the Mac. Depending on the tasks at hand, there are several other choices.

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