Dealing with Bin/Cue Files on Mac OS X With BChunk

Once in a while you might come across CD images in the format of a .bin file and .cue file. These are format popularized by CDRWin which is a Windows program. In order to use the CD image in Mac, you have to convert the bin/cue format into the disk format supported by Mac OS X using third party application.

[Roxio Toast]( CD burning software is able to convert bin/cue format into Mac OS X disk format. But this will set you back at least $80. Or you can use the free and open source command line tool bchunk to convert the bin/cue files into iso image that can be mounted on Mac OX X.

It is recommended to obtain bchunk from MacPorts:

* [Download and install MacPort]( if you have not done so. MacPorts is a community driven effort to make it easy to obtain and update open source software on the Mac OS X.

* Open the Terminal app and install bchunk port using the following command line:

sudo port install bchunk

* Let say your bin/cue files are image.bin and image.cue, you can now convert the bin/cue file to iso using the following command:

bchunk image.bin image.cue outputimage

bchunk will create the disk image outputimage.iso which you can open for it to be mounted on your Mac.