Microsoft Embraces Twitter

Microsoft starts to embrace Twitter by [integrating Twitter data into Bing search]( For starter, Bing will only include tweets from more prominent and prolific Twitter users.

When you enter those famous people and do a Bing search for example “Kara Swisher Twitter” or “Kara Swisher Tweets” or even “@karaswisher”, the result will include the latest tweet from the user, together with a link to more tweets from the user.

![Microsoft Bing Twitter Search](

We did a trial using the search examples “Kara Swisher Twitter”,“Kara Swisher Tweets” and “@karaswisher” provided in Bing’s blog post, but none returns the above result format. Maybe Bing is fine-tuning this feature at the moment.

And now you can follow [Microsoft on Twitter]( This Twitter account is run by four members of Microsoft’s corporate communications team. There is no [verified account logo]( on the page but it should be the real thing.

![Microsoft on Twitter](

So far there are only 3 tweets, with the first tweet being a Xbox promo: “Anyone can make games now, Kodu is available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace #microsoft #xboxlive #kodu”.

Compare this first tweet with the [stylish first tweet by Google]( back in February. Do you see a winner already?

Microsoft Bing Is Live But Not on iPhone

If you have been frustrated for past few days wanting to try out Microsoft’s new search engine, fret no more. Microsoft Bing is now live.

![Bing Live but not on Iphone](

But on iPhone, will forward to the Live Search mobile page, which we supposed is still the old Live search engine.

Hello Microsoft Bing

![Microsoft Kumo Bing Search](

Microsoft [is spending an estimated $80 million to $100million]( to convince people to go “binging” instead of “googling” when it comes to search. Microsoft will launch the ad campaign when it unveils its new search engine next week.

Code-named “Kumo”, the search engine will most likely be branded Bing, and is Microsoft’s third attempt at winning the lucrative search marketplace, after the not-so-successful MSN Search and then Live Search. Live Search is the fourth most used search engine, after Google, Baidu and Yahoo!. Microsoft Bing is likely to incorporate the semantic search technology of Powerset which Microsoft acquired last year, after its failed bid for Yahoo! search.

Not much is known about the new search engine except for [leaks screenshots in March]( From the look of it, we could not see how Bing will be drastically better than Google, which is what Bing needs if it intends to sway away users’ search habits. Playing catch-up is not always easy, the problem for Bing is Google is doing a pretty good job at the moment.

Lately it is hard to get excited by anything from Microsoft. We will see if third time is a charm for Microsoft. Let’s hope Bing brings some cool search breakthrough and spice up the competition. Winning the search marketplace is a daunting task, increasingly we are seeing ‘live-search’ capability (Twitter search) gaining importance in the search landscape, and we doubt Bing is equipped and ready for it. Bing’s challenge is Google and Yahoo, and not forgetting Twitter and Facebook search.

Will spending 100 million greenbacks be enough to convince people Bing is a better verb than Google for search? Good luck Microsoft.