Add up to six app icons on iPad’s app dock


By default, iPad’s app dock has four app icons which are Safari, Mail, Photos and iPod. Unlike iPhone which is limited to maximum four icons on the dock, you can place up to six apps on iPad’s app dock.

To change the app icons on the dock,¬†press and hold any app icon until all icons start to wiggle. You can then hold and drag app icon to the app dock, or move a icon out from the app dock. Press the home button to exit the “wiggle” mode.

Minimize Windows To Application Icon Under Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard comes with subtle changes that refine the Mac OS X experience, minimize application windows to application icon is one of them.

When you minimize a window under Mac OS X, the default behavior is to shrink the window into the thumbnails of the dock, one icon per window. This leads to irritating Doc clutter if you have a number of minimized windows.

![Snow Leopard Dock 1](

Snow Leopard has an additional entry “Minimize windows into application icon” in its System Preferences > Dock settings where you can select to hide minimize windows into application icon instead of thumbnails of the dock.

![Snow Leopard Dock 2](

You can accessed minimized windows as usual from the application’s Window menu or from the icon menu by Control-Click on the app icon on the Dock. Minimized windows also appear below at the bottom in Dock Expose when you click and hold the app icon on the Dock. Similarly minimized windows appear at the bottom when you activate Expose.