Apple Dropping Web Access To .Mac Bookmarks On July 06

apple-dropping-mac-web-access-to-bookmarks-july-06Apple posted on its .Mac website to inform .Mac subscribers that web access to bookmarks stored on .Mac account will be taken offline on July 06. Web access allows subscribers to access to their bookmarks stored in .Mac from a web browser, similar to Google Bookmarks service. Without web access, subscribers will need to sync their .Mac bookmarks to local computers or iPhone to access them.

This is part of Apple .Mac online service’s transition to MobileMe. Beside web access to bookmarks, other .Mac features dropping from MobileMe include .Mac slides, iCards, and .Mac Sync if you use OS X 10.3.

MobileMe will let you easily access your bookmarks from anywhere by syncing them across all your computers, and pushing them over the air to your iPhone and iPod touch. However, the existing .Mac Bookmarks application will be taken offline and will no longer provide web access to your bookmarks.

Apple advice .Mac subscribers to sync their .Mac bookmarks by July 06 this Sunday. Apple posted a knowledge base article with instructions on how to sync .Mac bookmarks with Safari on the Mac.