How To Install Canon EOS Camera Software Without CD

Canon comes with great software for their EOS Digital SLR camera. ImageBrowser (ZoomBrowser on Windows), Digital Photo Professional (for RAW file processing) and other utilities software are indispensable if you own a Canon EOS DSLR. The problem is Canon’s distribution policy for their camera software, you need the original CDs that comes with the camera in order to be able to install them on your Mac. The updates available from Canon’s download site are just updates that expect you already have the software installed.

This create problem if you have lost your EOS software CD, or you purchase the camera from another user who has lost the EOS software CD. Turns out that there is an easy way to work around this ‘problem’:

* Download as per normal the latest EOS camera software from Canon’s download site.
* The download is dmg file which will be mounted as volume
* Copy the updater software to your desktop
* Control-click on the updater software and select “Show Package Contents”
* Navigate to the folder Contents > Resources and delete the file “update.plist”

Now you can double click the updater software file and it should install without any issues.

8 Tips Before You Buy Your First Digital SLR Camera

8 tips selecting first dslr

Digital SLR (DSLR) camera is now at a price point that is attractive to people looking for an upgrade from point and shoot (P&S) camera. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax all have quality entry level DSLRs that promised great pictures. But high quality image does not come automatically with a higher-end gear. The following are 8 pointers for P&S owners looking to pick up their first DSLR.

### 1. DSLR advantages

The promise of high quality photos and the ability for creative images are the main advantage of DSLR. This is possible due to:

* DSLR allows manual control to override the automatic mode of the camera. You will have full control of how you want the exposure of your pictures, giving you creative options. Granted, a few high-end P&S compacts such as Panasonic Lumix LX3 or Canon G10 also provide such features.

* DSLR has more advanced electronics, making it easier or possible to capture fast motion pictures such as sports or birds-in-flight.

* DSLR has better high ISO performance due to its sensor. You can have acceptable images even for ISO as high as 1600. This allows for low light shooting or where exposure requires high shutter speed. Newer advanced compact such as Sony WX1 is trying to catch up by employing newer CMOS sensor design.

* DSLR provides easier control for depth-of-field (DOP) due to its larger sensor. Shallow DOP allows you to have the subject in sharp focus with a blurry background, giving highlight and contrast to subject matter.

* DSLR provides optional RAW image file meant for post processing. Post processing is akin to the darkroom in film photography, allowing you to correct, adjust or applying effect to your images. A number of advanced P&S models allow for RAW images as well.

* Lens in DSLR is interchangeable, and you have the options for high quality pro level lens which will improve the image quality of your photos.

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