19 Missing Features in iPhone 3G


Apple iPhone 3G is a popular and magnificent phone, for its market breaking user interface and ease of use. But if you compare iPhone 3G with the other smartphones, you find many features are obvious omissions. Many people have come to expect iPhone 3G to be feature-laden, however Apple has omitted features that are common nowadays, either because the iPhone software is not as developed yet, or it is design decision to keep the phone’s ease of use appeal.

Apple has made clear that iPhone 3G new features will be rolled out via future firmware updates. New iPhone firmware release has become as anticipated as new Apple product launches, and the next update iPhone 2.1 software is expected in September.

We list below 19 missing features of iPhone 3G, features that we come to expect. Some are hardware specifics that are not possible via firmware upgrade, some are feature requests, some are features you can get now via third party applications, and some features are best left out of iPhone 3G.

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