Flickr And Twitter Happy Together

![Flickr and Twitter Happy Together](

Flickr has added support to allow you to [tweet your Flickr photos using its Flickr2Twitter feature]( The Flickr photo’s address will appear in your tweets with a “” shortening URL.

Here’s How-To:

* Setup the integration between your Flickr account and Twitter account from Flickr’s “Your account/Blogs” page. The URL to this page is [](

![Flickr Account Setup Blog](

* Select the option “Set up your blog”.

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Go Flickr For iPhone Wallpapers

![Flickr iPhone Wallpapers Group](

If you are looking for iPhone wallpapers to spice up your phone, one of the best resources is Flickr. Specifically, look under Flickr group [“iPhone Wallpapers”]( for more than 10,000 wallpapers for your choosing.

### Copy Flickr iPhone wallpaper from Mac to iPhone

Using a Mac, the easiest way to copy wallpaper files from Flickr site to your iPhone is to use iPhoto.

* Visit Flickr [iPhone Wallpaper group]( and choose the wallpaper you like.

* *Control-click* on the image and select from the menu “Add image to iPhoto Library”. Alternatively, you can click and hold on the image, and then drag it to the iPhoto icon on the dock.

![iPhoto Add Image To iPhoto Library](

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Flickr Mobile Site For iPhone Is Now Location Aware

![Flickr Mobile Site Location Aware 0](

If you are running iPhone OS 3.0 and visit [Flickr](, you have the location aware option “Photos taken nearby” on your Flickr homepage after signed in. Flickr is the first major site that has location aware feature for its mobile site, thanks to the Safari browser in iPhone OS 3.0 which can pass to website that requests for iPhone’s location information.

![Flickr Mobile Site Location Aware 1](

As usual with all location services in iPhone, Flickr and Safari will prompt you to grant the website access to your location info.

![Flickr Mobile Site Location Aware 2](

Flickr’s “Photos taken nearby” page will display a map showing your location, and below the map are thumbnails of photos which has geotag info that is closed to you.