Google Maps Introduced “What’s here”

![Google Maps What Is New Feature](

Google has [added a new “What’s here” option]( to the pop-up menu when you right click on Google Maps. This option, depending on your zoom level, will display relevant location info on the left pane about the point of interest.

![Google Maps What Is Here 1](

This feature takes into account the zoom level you’re looking at, and gives you the most appropriate geographical entity at that point. For example, if you’re zoomed in closely on Manhattan, you can get the full address of a point by clicking on “What’s here?”. Additionally, by combining this with the “At this address” feature that you may have seen in the left-hand panel, you can also see a list of the businesses located at that place.

Tracking Swine Flu Using Google Maps

![Swine flu Google Maps](

If you are still not concerned by the outbreak of Swine Flu, looking at a graphical representation of its spread and grow might alarm you. We have found two Google Maps created by kind souls who work hard to track the status for us.

The first map is created by niman and you can [click here to view the map]( “Swine Flu Google Maps”) at Google Maps. Pink markers on the map are for suspected cases and purple markers are confirmed or probable cases. Marker without a dot indicates deaths and yellow markers are false alarm case.

The second map is more up to date with a total of 19 collaborators. [Click here to view the map](,0.878906&spn=10.248613,19.775391&z=6 “Swine Flu Google Maps”).