Google launched official Google Voice app for iPhone


Google has released an iPhone native app for its Google Voice service, which gives a better experience than using the HTML5 web app client on iPhone.

All major Google Voice features are available such as international calls, free text message for US numbers, Voicemail transcription, caller id support. In addition, the app will alert via push notifications when you receive a new voicemail or text message.

Google Voice for iPhone is currently US only and requires iPhone with iOS 3.1 and a valid Google Voice account.

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Google Voice app iTunes Link

Official Google Voice app coming soon to the App Store


Great news if you are an iPhone and Google Voice user. Google apparently is working on the final touches to its Google Voice app for multitasking compatibility. Google Voice will be “on its way to the iPhone in the next few weeks”.¬†Google Voice app for iPhone was banned last July which eventually leaded to an FCC inquiry into the matter. Apple on September 9 relaxed its App Store rules and there are already a number of third party Google Voice apps approved since then.

Currently if you want to go to the official Google route to use Google Voice on your iPhone, there is an HTML5 version on Google Voice site. Nothing is better than native app for sure. Google Voice is available as native app on BlackBerry and Android platforms.

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Google Voice apps now allowed on the App Store

After 14-months banning the official Google Voice app and Google Voice related apps from its App Store, Apple has now relaxed its rule and [GV Mobile +]( by Sean Kovacs is now on the App Store.

There is no word from Google if an official Google Voice app will re-appear for the iPhone. Google Voice app on Android is considered by some to be one advantage of Android platform over iPhone. Currently Google Voice has app for the BlackBerry and Android platform. For iPhone users, they can use an HTML5 website via Safari in order to use Google Voice.