Twitter Acknowledged Hashtags

![Hashtags is now officially supported by Twitter](

Hashtags in Twitter is a convention by Twitter user to tag topics to tweets. Hashtags is widely used in Twittersphere and is never official until now. Twitter has started giving hashtags the same treatment as @follows by hyperlinking hashtags. The link will bring you to Twitter’s search page for the hashtag. This feature has been available for quite sometime in many third party Twitter clients.

Essential Twitter Clients, Apps And Tools

![Essential Twitter Clients Apps and Tools](

There are over a hundred Twitter clients, apps and tools you can choose to improve your twittering lifestyle. We narrow down the list to what we considered are the essential ones that is worth spending your time exploring.

### Twitter Clients

The number one Twitter client is off course the [Twitter website]( To many, this is still the one and only Twitter client. You have to look elsewhere if you need more than what it offers, such as the ability to easily manage multiple Twitter accounts, ability to post a shorthand url etc.

If you like working on the web and need to easily post a link to pictures, then [visit TwitPic](

For desktop client on the Mac, we recommend [TweetDeck](, [Twhirl](, [Tweetie]( or [Nambu]( Both TweetDeck and Twhirl runs on Adobe AIR which is a separate download. Choose native Mac apps Tweetie or Nambu if you do not like Adobe AIR eating up additional resources on your Mac. As of this writing, Nambu is still beta software but is available for download.

For iPhone apps, the better ones are [Tweetie]( which costs $2.99, or you can download the free [TwitterFon](

Many also choose to update their Twitter status via Facebook using [Facebook Twitter application]( Service such as [Ping fm]( helps you to simultaneously update not just Twitter status, but also to over 40 other social networking sites.

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