Random House titles now on iBookstore

random house ibookstore

Two days after adopting the agency model for electronic book publishing, titles from the world’s largest publisher Random House such as “The Da Vinci Code” starts appearing in US iBookstore. The change to the agency model makes title distribution compatible with iBookstore model, and Random House is the last of the largest six publishers (HarperCollins, Hachette, Penguin, Macmillan and Simon & Schuster) to have presence on Apple’s iBookstore.

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O’Reilly and Microsoft Press titles now on iBookstore

oreilly ibookstore

Starting today, nearly 800 O’Reilly and Microsoft Press titles (which O’Reilly distributes) are available on iBookstore, with several hundred more to come in the weeks ahead. O’Reilly’s titles have been favorites among the computer, technical and developer communities. Having the titles on sale in the iBookstore makes it easier for O’Reilly customers to find, buy and read the ebooks on iPad and iPhone. As with titles purchased from O’Reilly’s own online bookstore at oreilly.com, there is no DRM on ebooks sold by O’Reilly on Apple’s iBookstore.

For now the availability is limited to the US and Canada. O’Reilly plans to eventually make its whole catalog available and in every territory with an iBookstore.

iBookstore currently does not support ebooks update. O’Reilly has included in each title information about how to upgrade your iBookstore purchase with oreilly.com for $4.99 to get access to additional DRM-free formats and free lifetime updates.

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Apple hiring iBookstore Marketing Manager

Apple has a new [job listing for a iBookstore Marketing

iTunes is seeking a US Marketing Manager for the iBookstore. Based in
Cupertino, it will be this Manager’s responsibility to drive awareness
and sales of iBooks through co-marketing programs with publishers and
authors, strategic partnerships, and via online and direct marketing

Looks like Apple is determine to remediate one of the weak point of
iBookstore, which is the disappointed book selection compared with its
competitor Amazon Kindle.