Intuit Apologized For Quicken for Mac Delay – It Is Coming In February of 2010

Intuit posted in its [The Quicken Blog]( an announcement of Quicken for Mac coming in February 2010, and apologized for its delay.

This squashed all rumors lately by media and bloggers that Intuit might not release a desktop version of Quicken for the Mac. All because Microsoft announced on 10 June 2009 that it would discontinue sales of Microsoft Money Plus from 30 June 2009. Microsoft Money has been Quicken’s biggest competitor for personal finance software on Windows.

Feedback from Mac customers led us to rethink our approach to developing Quicken for Mac. We went back to the drawing board and are making changes to everything from what the program does to how it looks. We spent extra time building a reconcile mode for the new register, a robust Windows-to-Mac transfer function for new Mac users (and existing customers running Quicken on a Windows virtual machine), and redesigned the experience to make it look and feel like a native Mac application should.

In early 2008, Intuit said Quicken Financial Life for Mac will release later that year. At MacWorld 2009 in January, Intuit said Quicken Financial Life for Mac will release later in 2009. This is the third release schedule and we hope it will stick.

To reinforce their commitment, Intuit also announced that you can pre-order Quicken for Mac from October 12, 2009.

One thing not so clear in the blog post is the final product name as it seems Intuit is using “Quicken for Mac” and “Quicken Financial Life for Mac” interchangeably.

If you can not wait, here are the alternatives to Quicken on the Mac:

* Run Quicken Windows on VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop.
* [iBank](
* [MoneyDance](