Protect your privacy by using Safari’s private browsing mode in iOS 5

Mobile Safari in iOS 5 adds the ability to browse the web in “private browsing” mode. When you enabled private browsing in Safari, your browsing history, web cookies, cache, logins are not saved. Thus private browsing mode leaves no trace of your online activity to be discovered by prying eyes.

To enable private browsing mode, look for Safari under Settings app. Turn on the switch for “Private Browsing”.

Private Browsing in iOS 5

With private browsing enabled, Safari browser switches from the normal blue color to a cool black, a great visual reminder that you are in a somewhat safer browsing environment.

App of the week: Battleheart


If you have the time to kill playing a fun RPG-style game, then Battleheart is an obvious choice. Battleheart appears simplified with its touch based interface, but this party-based combat game is anything but as you progress. Highly regarded, Battleheart has been reviewed with labels such as “fabulous” and “fantastic”. Battleheart is a universal app at $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad.

Battleheart on App Store

How to remove photos in Photo Stream

With Photo Stream enabled in iCloud settings on an iDevice, a copy of the photo you just snapped will be automatically uploaded to Photo Stream. You can then access the photos in Photo Stream folder from any devices including the Mac.

iCloud will store only the last 30 days of photos. Older photos will be removed automatically by iCloud. There is no way for you to manually remove individual photo in Photo Stream. You can however reset your Photo Stream which will remove all your Photo Stream photos from iCloud.

To reset Photo Stream, you need a browser. Go to website and sign in using your Apple ID.

icloud reset photo stream

Click on your account name at the top right corner of the page.

icloud reset

On the Account setting screen, click Advanced, and then click Reset Photo Stream. Click Done to close the Account screen.

Looks like iPhone 4S is the new iPhone 5


As pointed out by German site, German mobile carrier Vodafone is now listing iPhone 4 (8GB) Black & White and iPhone 4S (16GB, 32GB, 64GB) Black & White under the compatibility device listing for an iPhone 4 bumper. This seems to line up with the running rumor that there will be a low end iPhone 4 8GB model together with brand new next generation iPhone. Coming from Apple’s partner, this appears to be what we will see unveiling in about 30 hours in Apple’s October 4 event.

After 18 months of waiting, many fans definitely will be disappointed and underwhelmed by a simply beefed up iPhone 4. Many have expected a brand new design with a bigger screen for next generation iPhone. This does not sound like a good debut for new CEO Tim Cook.

App of the week: WhatsApp Messenger


There are lots of apps for messaging on the iPhone. But WhatsApp Messenger appears to be leading the pack with its simple approach to chat and messaging. There are lots of advantage of being simple: an interface that mimics that of iPhone’s Messages app; there is no login requirement to a chat network; no need to add in contacts as the app uses your existing contacts’ phone numbers. WhatsApp is essentially online chat dressed in a SMS suit, except you do not have to pay for the SMS charges, even for international chat. And the app is available for Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones as well.

WhatsApp Messenger on the App Store


Apple sent out “Let’s talk iPhone” invitations for October 4 event


Finally, the October 4 date is confirmed. Apple today sent out invitations for a special event titled “Let’s talk iPhone”. Venue is at Apple’s Cupertino headquarter Town Hall auditorium and the event will begin 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

Apple is expected to roll out new iPhone hardware. It is still a wild guess if we will see an improved iPhone 4S, a brand new design iPhone 5 or both. iOS 5, iCloud and new iPods are also expected during this event.