Sprint and T-Mobile to join AT&T and Verizon in offering iPhone 5


In less than 30 days, we will know all about iPhone 5 or whatever it will be called. The Apple rumor mill is boiling up as is common around this pre-announcement period. Wall Street Journal has reported that Sprint will get iPhone 5 when it is launched in mid-October. This is from a source “familiar with the matter”. And now there is report that T-Mobile will get iPhone 5 too. If these claims are true, then all four major US carriers will offer iPhone 5, which could only be good news for subscribers.

iPhone 5 will be a dual-mode CDMA/GSM world phone


According to TechCrunch, the upcoming iPhone 5 will “almost certainly” be a dual-mode world phone supporting both CDMA and GSM in same device. There are now evidence from a developer’s log that Apple is testing iPhone 5 device, with codes from CDMA and GSM coming from the same device.

This confirms a long running rumor that Apple is building dual-mode support in iPhone 5. Supporting both CDMA and GSM in the same device will allow users to easily roam between both networks. This makes iPhone 5 a very desirable world phone especially for business travelers as major carrier in some country such as Japan and Brazil uses CDMA.

TechCrunch: The iPhone 5 will indeed be a dual-mode CDMA/GSM World Phone

iPhone 5 leak via apple.com or elaborated fake?


We must admit being genuinely excited when we first saw the video of the iPhone 5 leak. But upon close scrutiny, the video is most likely an elaborated fake. Someone has painstakingly created a mockup of Apple website and believable iPhone 5 pictures. There is a www.apple.com domain name in the address bar, and there is even a Tech Specs page for make believe.

iPhone 5 leak via apple.com?

iPhone 5 likely to be longer and wider according to cases from China


According to MicGadget blog post, China case makers have started the distribution of iPhone 5 cases.  iPhone 5 cases are “everywhere” in China now. It is evident that these makers are confident enough of the design to start mass production. Which leads to high probability of confirmation on how iPhone 5 will look like.

The case suggests that iPhone 5 will be wider and longer than iPhone 4, with slight tapering from top to bottom in thickness. Some has suggested that iPhone 5 is 5 inches x 2.8 inches in dimension. For comparison, iPhone 4 is 4.5 inches x 2.31 inches.

iPhone 5 has a “teardrop” design with round edges, a departure from the more squarish design of iPhone 4. The mute switch opening on the case is now on the opposite side compared with iPhone 4.

MicGadget Blog Post

Reasons why we will get iPhone 5 in September

Apple is predicted to release iPhone 5 in September instead of the usual June period. Here are the reasons:

  • iPhone 5 will still be released this year. There is no way Apple will delay it till next year. Competition is tough. The new Samsung Galaxy S II is benchmarked to be twice as fast as last year’s device. By end of the year, most Android phones are expected to upgrade to be on par with Galaxy S II. Apple needs a phone with iPad 2’s CPU prowess in order to be attractive for the all important year end shopping period.
  • iPhone is typically announced at WWDC in June. WWDC this year however is stated to focus on software. Many do not predict a new iPhone launch during WWDC.
  • Judging from past pattern, Apple will release a new major version of iOS 5 together with new iPhone. Apple will reveal details of iOS 5 only at WWDC in June. In the past, new major iOS is previewed around Mar-Apr for a June release. It typically requires 2-3 months in order for developers to get ready for a major iOS release. Thus we are looking at September for a more realistic iOS 5 release date.
  • There is confirmation from Apple suppliers that there is no order for iPhone 5 production yet. If iPhone 5 were to release in June, production at least the preparation should start about now.
  • Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 is released only in February, which is too close to June for a refresh. We expect CDMA iPhone 4 to release in other CDMA markets in India and China before iPhone 5’s release. Thus it makes no sense for iPhone to refresh in June.
  • Apple is reported to release white iPhone 4 by end Apr. Again this is too close to June. Apple would have kill the white iPhone if new refresh is coming in June.
  • For iPhone 4, Apple takes 2-3 months for it to release to major international markets. Judging by iPad 2’s quick international launches in major markets, Apple apparently has mastered the supply chain magic. Thus a September launch of iPhone 5 is ok now as Apple can make it available in major international markets for the year end festive season.
  • September is typically the month where Apple launches new iPod models. iPod models except for iPod touch is matured and there is little excitements for new models to warrant a press event. It’s a natural fit to announce iPhone along side new iPod models.

The iPhone 5 rumors

The next-gen iPhone is expected to debut in June, but there are already rumors about the features of iPhone 5. Some of these rumors are carried by major media such as Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. These are the rumors about iPhone 5:

  • iPhone 5 will sports a 4-inch screen.
  • There will be a version of smaller iPhone, some dubbed it iPhone nano.
  • iPhone nano will have limited storage. More of MobileMe will be free to serve as storage for iPhone nano.
  • iPhone 5 will have better battery life than iPhone 4, which is expected.
  • iPhone 5 will have an 8-megapixel camera.
  • iPhone 5 will use A5 processor, Apple’s next generation ARM CPU.
  • iPhone 5 will sports a unified radio chipset from Qualcomm for CDMA/GSM and UMTS radio. This makes iPhone 5 a world phone in a single model.
  • iPhone 5 will feature NFC (near field communication) chip to allow applications such as mobile payment.
  • There is possibilities that  iPhone 5 will not have a SIM slot. Instead SIM is build into the device.
  • Hard to believe but there is even rumor of an iPhone with a sliding keyboard.