App of the week: Angry Birds


What started out as a casual game on the iPhone on December 2009 becomes a legend and a page in the history by being the most successful game in iTunes App Store. Even after more than a year on the chart, Angry Birds still hang on tightly on the top of the chart.

And the empire just keep growing with three version of the games for iOS, and version for Mac, Android, Google Chrome app store, Palm webOS, Maemo, Symbian, PSP, Windows, Windows Phone 7, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Angry Bird for iPhone

Angry Birds Season for iPhone

Angry Birds RIO for iPhone

Angry Birds HD for iPad

Angry Birds Season HD for iPad

Angry Birds RIO HD for iPad

Angry Birds for Mac

App of the week: Facebook


Continue the highlight of classic apps, this week we feature Facebook for the iPhone and iPod touch. Being the grand daddy of social network of our time, Facebook app is often one of the first apps iOS users install. There is no native iPad interface for Facebook app.

Lately, Facebook for iOS is playing catchup as some features from Facebook website are not available on the app. Nonetheless this app is the best way for you to connect with your Facebook friends on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Facebook for iPhone/iPod touch iTunes link

Quick summaries of Apple Sept 1 event

Here is a quick summaries for the Apple media event just ended:

* Steve is on stage to showcase its flagship stores in Shanghai, Paris and London. Apple has stores 10 countries: US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and China.

* There are now over 120 million iOS devices shipped, with 230,000 new iOS activations per day (not including updates). There are 200 apps downloaded every second.

* There are now over 250,000 apps and 25,000 of which are iPad apps.

* iOS 4.1 will be released next week. Bug fixes include proximity, Bluetooth and iPhone 3G slowness. New features: HDR photos, HD video upload over WiFi, TV show rentals and Game Centre.

* iOS 4.2 sneak peak: Wireless printing and AirPlay (renamed from AirTunes) allowing streaming audio, video & photos over WiFi.

* iOS 4.2 coming in November for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Free updates.

* There are over 275 million iPods sold. All iPod range got new models this year, biggest iPod update ever.

* iPod shuffle: button is back. Playlists, Genius mixes, VoiceOver and its square in shape. Comes in 5 colors, 2GB, 15 hour battery life, priced at $49.

* iPod nano: no more click wheel, multi-touch screen, square in shape, comes with clip (no more armbands), VoiceOver, Genius Mixes, FM radio, Nike+, pedometer, 29 languages, 24 hour battery life. Six colors, $149 for 8GB version, $179 for 16GB version.

* iPod touch: most popular iPod. Outsells Nintendo and Sony portables combined. Retina Display at 326ppi, 24bit color, LED backlit, Apple A4 chip, 3-axis Gyro, iOS 4.1, FaceTime with front camera, rear camera with HD video recording, 40 hours music playback. $229 for 8GB, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB. Available next week with pre-order starting today.

* iTunes: 11.7 billion songs, 450 million TV episodes, 100 million movies, 35 million books, 160 million accounts with credit cards.

* iTunes 10: new logo ditch the CD. More elegant and simple. Available today.

* iTunes Ping: social network for music and concerts. Discover what your friends are listening to. See your activity from within iTunes. Find people and follow them. Follow and be followed. Invite frined from Facebook or by email. Get customized top ten chart of what people you followed are downloading. Post your thoughts & opinions. And Lady Gaga posted “I am watching all my little monsters on iTunes Ping”.

* Apple TV: Steve’s “one more hobby”. New Apple TV one forth of the size of current Apple TV which you can fit in your palm. Matt black color. HDMI, USB, Optical audio, Ethernet, Wifi 802.11n, comes with white remote. You rent everything, all rentals and store nothing in it. Stream music, photos, video from computer, no syncing. Silent and cool. First run HD movie rental at $4.99. Commercial free HD TV show renting is 99 cents. ABC and Fox is onboard. On top of renting, can stream Netflix, watch YouTube, photos from Flickr and MobileMe. New interface with Rotten Tomatoes movie rating integrated. And you can push video or photo on your iPad to Apple TV. Price is $99. Available in 4 weeks, pre-order today.

Apple predictions for September

The Apple [annual media event is tomorrow 10am PT]( But we are guessing new iPod touch is not the only products coming in September:

* iPod touch – Apple will definitely announce new iPod touch model tomorrow. Likely specs include what you can expect in iPhone 4: Retina Display, same A4 processor and memory, FaceTime & compatible camera, gyroscope and long lasting battery. We are guessing Apple might add a FM tuner in, so that all iPod models will sport FM tuner build-in. And this one will not have any antenna issue. Will we see a 128G iPod touch this year?

* iPod nano – based on cases floating around the net, iPod nano is predicted to have a square dimension, lose the scroll wheel and sports a touch screen for the interface. This will make it look more like a mini iPod touch than an iPod.

* iPod shuffle – expects similar offering than last generation. Maybe more colors and boost of capacity of up to 8G?

* iPod Classic – we predict there will be no new model. Apple probably will announce an RIP date for the current model.

* iTunes 10 – time is ripe for Apple to release a major upgrade to flagship iTunes.

* Cloud based iTunes – many are eagerly awaiting a cloud based music streaming service from Apple. We predict it is not ready and will not happen during tomorrow’s event. We expect Apple will hold a special event in future just for this cloud base service as it is a game changing business model. But we should see some hints of it in the new iTunes.

* iOS 4.1 – as [mentioned](, this is predicted to release today, one day before the media event.

* iTV – will Apple release a $99 follow up to Apple TV? All signs and rumors point to a yes answer. This new model will be a diskless and cheaper model with an emphasis on streaming. Many expect it to run a new iOS and be able to run apps. This will probably not the device that will change how we watch TV.

* 99 cents TV rental & iBookstore – 99 cents TV rental is widely rumored by major media. It is interesting to see the scope and selection available for this service. Lets hope there is some announcement too for iBookstore to boost up the book selection.

* iLife ’11 – some have predicted an announcement of iLife ’11. We are guessing it is not happening in September. Instead iLife’11 will be announced after iPad get its iOS 4.x release. Apple is likely to unveil new iLife for the Mac together with new version for the iPad. And probably will release a version for iPhone and iPod touch. It is interesting to see if Apple will charge for the upgrade to Pages/Numbers/Keynote for iPad.

* One more thing – Apple probably will announce the availability of white iPhone 4. Many are waiting to buy one in September.

* Surprises – yes we hope there are surprises. Please bring us some Apple.

Orientation Lock and iPod Widget in iPhone OS 4.0

![Iphone os 4 Beta 3](

Apple just released iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 to its developers, which unveil a brand new feature: double tap on the button to bring out the app switching pane on the bottom of screen, and you can now flick to the far left to bring out a new orientation lock button, new widget control for the iPod and a button to access the iPod app.

You can only download and install this prerelease software when you sign up for Apple’s Developer Program, which is US$99 per year. Apple released iPhone OS 4.0 beta about a month ago. Based on past release schedule, you can expect a new beta release every 2 weeks on Tuesday. The final gold release is expected in June but it is not clear if Apple will release the new OS before the new iPhone 4th generation iPhone hardware. Users of iPhone 3G/3GS and newer version of iPod touch can be upgraded to iPhone OS 4.0 but not all features are available to all models. For example multitasking is not enabled for iPhone 3G.

Source: [](

iPhone OS 3.1, iTunes 9, iPod nano With Video Camera And More

Apple updates its key iPhone OS, iTunes and iPod products during its Sep 9 “annual iPod event”. Here is a quick summary:

### iPhone OS

* Version 3.1 is out today free for iPhone and iPod touch with OS 3.0.

* App Store app will include a new Genius feature that will recommend apps based on your past purchase.

* Over 30,000 ringtones from 4 major music labels now available for $1.29 each.

### iTunes 9

* iTunes 9 is released today and has a “beautiful new look” that makes exploring the vast music, movies, TV shows, apps, games easier.

* New Genius Mixes feature that plays endless mixes of songs from your iTunes library that are great together.

* New options to select what you want to sync for your music, based on playlists, genres, artists etc.

* App Management – arrange your iPhone home screens and move apps around using iTunes.

* Home sharing: allow you to copy your music, TV shows etc for up to 5 computers in your home.

* iTunes LP – digitizes the era before CD with lyrics, liner notes, essays, photos and video together with music album.

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Apple Annual iPod Event on September 9

Apple has sent out invitation to its annual iPod event which is on next Wednesday Sep 9 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco.

![Apple Ipod Event sep 9](

The invite features Apple’s standard iPod silhouette graphic with the text “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it”. We are certain to see new generations of iPod players, the following are some rumors for this annual event:

* New iPod touch featuring camera. Some site even speculate the iPod classic to get a camera too.

* The Beatles catalog on iTunes. It is probable as The Beatles is set to re-releasing its entire catalog and the game The Beatles:Rock Band next week.

* Possible introduction of iTunes 9 with social networking features.

It is unlikely that Apple will reveal its rumored tablet device at an iPod event. We expect Apple to hold a special event to unveil a new product range.