iTunes Store Reaches Five Billion Songs Sold

itunes-store-reaches-five-billion-songs-milestoneApple today announced that iTunes Store has reached its five billion songs milestone. This is impressive, coming less than a year when Apple iTunes Store made its three billion songs milestone. Lets look at the past iTunes Store milestones:

  • iTunes Store sold its one billion songs on February 23 2006.
  • Apple announced the three billion songs milestone on 31 July 2007.
  • In April 2008 we heard the news that iTunes Store has passed Wal-Mart to become the number one music retailer in US based on the amount of music sold during January and February 2008. This data is from market research firm NPD Group’s MusicWatch Survey.

Equally impressive in the same announcement is “iTunes customers are now renting and purchasing over 50,000 movies every day”. According to Apple, this makes iTunes Store “the world’s most popular online movie store.”. Startling figures indeed as iTunes Store has only about 2,000 films in its catalog.

Click for the full text of Apple’s announcement on “iTunes Store Tops Over Five Billion Songs Sold”.