Erase Your Words From iPhone Keyboard Dictionary

iPhone keyboard’s Auto-Correction feature is time-saver and great help for people who are not used to touch typing. iPhone suggests word as you type when the word is not in the keyboard dictionary. You tap the “X” next to a suggested word to reject the correction, and iPhone will add your word into the keyboard dictionary. Your word will then not show up for correction again.

In due course, you have high probability of messing up the keyboard dictionary. For example if you spell “dont” without an apostrophe and reject the suggested correction for a few times, iPhone keyboard will add “dont” into the keyboard dictionary and will not suggest correction for you subsequently.

To erase all the words you added to the keyboard dictionary:

**Settings > General > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary**

![Reset iPhone Dictionary](

Select “Reset Dictionary” to clear your words and reset the keyboard dictionary to factory default.

Where Is Page Up and Page Down Keys On The Mac?

Page Up and Page Down Keys On Mac

If you are using Apple keyboard without the numeric keypad or the keyboard on your MacBook/MacBook Pro, there is no Page Up and Page Down keys.

Instead you use **Fn-Up Arrow** (Fn key together with Up Arrow) for Page Up, and **Fn-Down Arrow** for Page Down.

For some app such as Safari and the message view screen in Apple Mail, pressing the **Spacebar** achieve the equivalent of Page Down and **Shift-Spacebar** is the Page Up.