Kindle Vs iPad

Check out the new Kindle ad which mocks iPad’s screen for outdoor viewing. Kindle is a cheaper e-reader and works better in bright sunlight. It is also smaller and lighter, and you can hold it with one hand without pain. For everything else, there is iPad.

New Amazon Kindle With International Wireless

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Amazon will release a new Kindle version on Oct 19, dubbed “Kindle U.S. & International Wireless”, that is able to wirelessly download content in over 100 countries. Priced at $279, it is the same 6-inch device as the current Kindle other than the new international wireless feature.

The current Kindle is now called “Kindle U.S. Wireless”, with price fell from $299 to $259.

“With this new Kindle, you can get your books, newspapers, and magazines delivered wirelessly while at home or abroad in over 100 countries. Whether you’re in Paris, Mumbai, or Sao Paulo, you can think of a book and be reading it in less than 60 seconds.” – Jeff Bezos

With the new device, international customers can now order Kindle with international wireless. However content and pricing vary for customers living outside of the U.S. Check if Kindle is available in your country.

Pre-order Kindle U.S. & International Wireless

Google To Take On Amazon Kindle, Will Apple Follow Suit?

Google Enter Ebook Marketplace To Compete With Amazon Kindle

Google [signaled its intent to enter e-book retailing]( at the annual BookExpo convention in New York over the weekend. Google will launch a program by end of 2009 that would enable publishers to sell e-book direct to consumers through Google.

Google’s move takes on Amazon Kindle in the growing e-book marketplace. Google will allow publishers to set the selling price, unlike Kindle’s aggressive pricing strategy by Amazon. Most of Kindle edition of latest best sellers are selling for $9.99, far less than the typical $26 for hardcover version.

Google’s e-book offering will allow consumers to read books on any device with Internet access, including mobile phones. And an offline mode will allow consumers to read cached versions of the e-book when Internet is not available.

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Amazon Released Kindle for iPhone and iPod touch

Amazon has released Kindle reader on iPhone and iPod touch. Called simply Kindle for iPhone, the free app is now available on the App Store


Arriving few weeks after Amazon launched its new Kindle 2 device, this expands Amazon’s e-book content to reach more than its own Kindle device. As promised during the Kindle 2 launch event, we can expect Kindle support to come to other mobile device.

The Kindle iPhone app does not connect to Kindle Store yet. You have to visit the Kindle Store via website to purchase ebook. The app also does not support text-to-speech feature as in the Kindle 2 device. Other than that, this is great news for Kindle users and potentially could turn many iPhone owners to the Kindle platform.

Amazon Releases Kindle 2

Amazon on Monday announced its second-gen ebook reader Kindle 2 in a press event at New York’s Morgan Library. It will be released on February 24 and is available for preorder at $359. This is the same price as Kindle 1. If you have Kindle 1 order unfulfilled, Amazon will ship you Kindle 2.

So what is new and different and attractive about this new hotness?

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