Apple open source its Java tools and technologies to OpenJDK for Mac OS X

Calming fear and uncertainties of its continue support of Java on Mac OS X, Apple today together with Oracle announced that it is open sourcing its Java tools and technologies to OpenJDK project. This ensures that future Java SE 7 implementation for Mac OS X will enjoy a good foundation to begin with.

Oracle and Apple® today announced the OpenJDK project for Mac OS® X. Apple will contribute most of the key components, tools and technology required for a Java SE 7 implementation on Mac OS X, including a 32-bit and 64-bit HotSpot-based Java virtual machine, class libraries, a networking stack and the foundation for a new graphical client. OpenJDK will make Apple’s Java technology available to open source developers so they can access and contribute to the effort.

Apple also confirmed that current version of Java SE 6 will continue to be available from Apple for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and next year’s Mac OS X Lion. Future version of Java for Mac OS X will come from Oracle.

Oracle and Apple Announce OpenJDK Project for Mac OS X