Get Parallels Desktop and MacPilot for $49 in MacHeist’s Summer Bundle

get-parallels-desktop-and-macpilot-for-49-in-macheist-summer-bundleMacHeist has just announced a new Summer Bundle that combine Parallels Desktop with MacPilot for $49. Parallels Desktop is the popular Mac virtualization software which normally retail for about $80. MacPilot is utility software that allows you to enable and disable hidden OS X features without resorting to command line.

MacHeist’s software bundle in the past has been popular with Mac users. If you have purchased MacHeist bundles in the past, you will get another $10 off the total price for this Summer Bundle, bringing it to $39. If this is not enough sweetener, MacHeist will give away a mystery bonus application for the first thousand customers.

Good deal indeed for a saving of $40 if you have been eyeing to get Parallels Desktop. But you better hurry as this offer runs through the end of June, which means you have only four days left.

Apple Boot Camp, Crossover/Wine or VMWare Fusion/Parallels Desktop on your Intel Macs?

apple-boot-camp-crossoverwine-or-vmware-fusionparallels-desktop-on-your-intel-macsWhat is the best way to run Windows applications on Intel Macs? This is one of the common questions for new Mac users especially switchers from Windows. For some, the ability to run Windows applications is a must-have feature when they pick up a Mac. Windows applications especially custom made programs from your company and games are more often than not Windows only, and there is no equivalent available in Mac OS X.

Back in the PowerPC Mac days, virtually everyone who needs to run Windows applications uses the program Virtual PC. Microsoft decided not to develop an Intel Mac compatible version of Virtual PC when Apple switched to using Intel processor in January 2006. Since then, a number of products have appeared to take advantage of the Intel processor for better Windows support than ever. These products fall into three broad categories, each with different strong points.

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