How to ‘fix’ the toolbar icons of Mail and Preview app in OS X Lion

Mail and Preview app in OS X Lion default to display icons only for the toolbar. Some of the icons are new and you might not know what they do.



The above shows the default toolbar for Mail app (top) and Preview app (bottom). You can customize the toolbar to display labels if you find the buttons not so obvious in meaning:

  • Select from the menu View>Customize Toolbar…
  • At the left bottom corner of the customize toolbar sheet, change “Show Icon Only” to “Show Icon and Text”.
  • Click the “Done” button at right bottom corner to close the customize toolbar sheet.

That’s all that is required to display informational text explaining the buttons on the toolbar. The following shows the toolbar with both icon and text for Mail app (top) and Preview app (bottom):



You can always go back to View>Customize Toolbar… and change back to the default “Show Icon Only”.

Preview app in Mac OS X Lion has a new Magnifier loupe feature

Preview app in Mac OS X Lion has a new “Magnifier” tool that allows you to zoom into specific portion of document with a loupe view. This is in addition to the standard zoom in/out which applies to the whole document.

To activate the Magnifier tool, select from menu Tools->Show Magnifier or simply press the backtick ` key.


A loupe view will be displayed once the tool is activated. You can move the loupe and adjust the size of the loupe using pinch gesture.


When you use the Magnifier of Preview app on a PDF document, the loupe changes to a rectangular shape, with its size and position adapts to the document content such as paragraph boundary while you move or pinch to size.


Using Preview For Basic Image Editing

Preview app on Mac OS X Leopard is more than just for preview. You can use the Preview app for basic image editing such as cropping and sizing. These basic editing functions are often all you need for publishing images and photos to the web, there is no need to spend money for third party app.

### Changing image size

* Select from menu *Tools->Adjust Size…*

![OS X Preview app Adjust Size](

* In the dialog box that appears, enter the require size in pixels, percent, inches, mm, cm or points. You can even specify the resolution and choose not to scale the picture proportionally.

![OS X Preview App Adjust Size Dialog](

* Enter *Command-S* to save the changes. This will overwrite the image file. Select to save to different file if you want to keep the original.

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