Is your printer supported by OS X Lion?

Before upgrading to OS X Lion, it is wise to check if your printer is supported by the new operating system. Printers that are supported by Snow Leopard should run the same under Lion. Apple has published a support article that lists the supported printers under OS X.

Apple supplies third party printer drivers via OS X Lion’s System Update. Do not install printer drivers from CDs supplied as part of the printer as it is probably not updated for OS X Lion.¬†Before you connect your printer to a Mac, run the System Update to install any available system updates. Connect your printer to the Mac, and OS X Lion will automatically download the necessary printer drivers.

OS X Lion, Mac OS X v10.6: Printer and scanner software

11 Factors To Consider Before Buying Your Next Printer

11 Factors To Consider Before Buying Your Next PrinterPrinter technology does not change as often compare to computer. Printer purchase today could easily stay with you for three, five or more years. It is wise to choose the printer that best suits your need.

Choosing a printer can be a daunting task due to the many features and different printer manufacturers and models. Below are 11 factors which we hope could be a starter guide for your next printer purchase.

### 1. Why do you need a printer

Understanding the major usage of your printer will get the most value out of your purchase, as manufacturer builds printer with features targeting different market segment.

For example, if you use the printer mostly for photo prints and occasional letters, choose photo printer that deliver lab quality photo prints. If you print mostly office documents with moderate volume, then look for printer meant for business usage with speed and volume to match your need.

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