11 FAQs by Beginners On Programming For The iPhone

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There are more than 50,000 apps in Apple’s App Store, many doubt if it is still possible to make money developing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. If you are exploring programming for the iPhone as an option, the following frequently asked questions by beginners might be useful to you.

###1. What kind of app can be run on iPhone?

You can develop native app to run on iPhone, or you can develop web app that runs on mobile Safari browser on the iPhone. In general, iPhone app refer to the native app. iPhone native app is the only app you can sell on iTunes App Store.

Native iPhone apps are by far the dominant apps on the iPhone with native iPhone touch interface and experience. Many vendor develops native iPhone app for their website, such as Facebook, MySpace and NY Times. On the other hand, popular web apps customize for iPhone include GMail and Flickr.

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