iOS 4.1 security bug allows you to make calls and access contacts info from locked phone

Someone has uncovered a security bug in Apple’s iOS 4.1 that allows you to bypass the phone’s security lock to make calls. From phone’s locked screen, press the “Emergency Call” button, dial a non-emergency number such as “###”, then hit the call button and quickly press the “Wake/Sleep” button on top left of the phone. This will bring you to the phone app where you can cancel the call to “###”, access the contacts, and dial or sms a different number. This bug however does not allow you to reach the home screen to access other app.

This bug affects iPhone 4 only and appears even in the latest iOS 4.2 beta. Let’s hope a fix is coming soon from Apple.

Via Boys Genius Report

Evil Shows Your Facebook Phone Number To The World

Tom Scott developed a site he called Evil that displays random Facebook users with their phone numbers using standard Facebook API. The phone numbers are public info on Facebook, although their owners probably thought it is secured.

Phone numbers can be obtained using means such as white pages, but Evil shows that your Facebook info is probably public to the world even though it might not be what you want. And most Facebook users either assume all things private by default or do not setup the privacy settings in Facebook to their liking, or simply do not bother about it.

[Evil by Tom Scott](