Apple Delivers Game Changing Video With iPhone 3GS

![Apple Delivers Game Changing Video With iPhone 3GS](

One of the main new feature in iPhone 3GS is VGA video recording. It is crazy to think that Apple is capable of generating so much excitement with a feature that was available 2 years ago in its competitor’s smartphones. So far video recording in iPhone 3GS has received nothing but overwhelming positive reviews. If you follow TechCrunch and its sibling CrunchGear and MobileCrunch blogs, there are no less than six posts touting the video feature of iPhone 3GS (links at end of this post).

Tech product and gadget should always be technological advanced. Not so according to Apple. If Apple were to follow the tech trend, we would get a 8MP camera with 720 HD video recording in iPhone 3GS. If iPhone 3GS has 720 HD video recording, battery life will certainly be impacted. There will be a need for more storage space. iPhone will need higher graphics capability for HD video editing. More bandwidth is required for video upload to YouTube.

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