Get VMWare Fusion 4 at $29.99

VMWare released virtualization software VMWare Fusion 4 for OS X on September 14. The latest release is optimized for OS X Lion and has over 80 new features. VMWare Fusion 4 costs $79.99 and users who purchased Fusion 3 on or after July 20 are eligible for free upgrade. VMWare Fusion 4 is on offer at $49.99 until the end of the year for existing or new users. There is no special upgrade price.

You can however use the promo code “workstation” at VMWare online store to get $20 off. We are not sure how long this promo code will last. We have used it, just remember to enter the promo code while checkout. And confirm the price before you submit the payment. At $29.90 VMWare Fusion 4 is a bargain.

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VMWare Releases Fusion 2.0.6 With Fixes Running On Snow Leopard

VMWare has released VMWare Fusion 2.0.6 which fixes multiple issues when running VMware Fusion on Mac OS X Snow Leopard 32-bit kernel mode. It also improves 3D performance on Mac with NVIDIA graphics cards running Snow Leopard. All together there are over 20 bug fixes in this release.

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Windows 7 to come in six different versions


Microsoft has confirmed that there will be six SKUs for the Windows 7 OS. This follows long standing Microsoft tradition of having multiple version of its Windows OS, a practice widely-criticized and mocked for bringing confusion to the marketplace.

  • Starter: Available to OEMs on new PCs. Missing Aero UI. Can run 3 applications concurrently.
  • Home Basic: For ’emerging markets’. Missing Aero UI.
  • Home Premium: Available to OEMs and retail. Includes Aero UI, multi-touch capabilities, media features. Can create home network groups.
  • Professional: Includes all of Home Premium features. Adds enhanced networking, Mobility Center and Presentation Mode.
  • Enterprise: Available only in volume licenses. Includes all of Professional features. Adds Branch Cache, Direct Access and BitLocker.
  • Ultimate: The same features as Enterprise, with limited availability to OEMs and retail.

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Apple Boot Camp, Crossover/Wine or VMWare Fusion/Parallels Desktop on your Intel Macs?

apple-boot-camp-crossoverwine-or-vmware-fusionparallels-desktop-on-your-intel-macsWhat is the best way to run Windows applications on Intel Macs? This is one of the common questions for new Mac users especially switchers from Windows. For some, the ability to run Windows applications is a must-have feature when they pick up a Mac. Windows applications especially custom made programs from your company and games are more often than not Windows only, and there is no equivalent available in Mac OS X.

Back in the PowerPC Mac days, virtually everyone who needs to run Windows applications uses the program Virtual PC. Microsoft decided not to develop an Intel Mac compatible version of Virtual PC when Apple switched to using Intel processor in January 2006. Since then, a number of products have appeared to take advantage of the Intel processor for better Windows support than ever. These products fall into three broad categories, each with different strong points.

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