How To Enable HTML5 Video Player in YouTube

YouTube by default will use its Flash video player even if you are using Safari or Chrome which supports HTML5 video. YouTube HTML5 video playback is in beta and is not enabled by default.

In order to use YouTube HTML5 video player, you need to visit YouTube site []( to opt-in to enable this feature.

YouTube XL For Your Big Screen HDTV

![YouTube XL](

YouTube [has released its big screen optimized website]( called YouTube XL to all. Previously this site is restricted to Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii game consoles. Now you can use this site if you are playing the YouTube to a big screen projector or HDTV.

In addition to an all new design offering large text and simplified navigation, YouTube XL offers a continuous play feature, which lets you search for a topic on YouTube and then press “play” once to watch all of the videos sequentially on that topic. Also, getting from one video to the next takes just a few clicks, and you can control the action with a blue tooth enabled remote control, or even some mobile phones.

Visit the big screen optimized [YouTube XL](

Keeping Track of Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle is one step closer to her dream, she proceeded to the semi-finals of *British’s Got Talent* last Sat night. We are keeping track of Susan Boyle to see how her career will play out after being a YouTube sensation overnight. Her “I Dreamed A Dream” performance on *British’s Got Talent* is in tracking company Visible Measures’ [100 Million Views Club](

Will Susan Boyle becomes *British’s Got Talent* this season’s winner? Will she release an album and will her singing career be a success? So, we are curious to know if being a hit on the internet means anything at all. Below are some quick links about her, helpful if you find it too much to Google her.

* The YouTube video that started it all

* [British’s Got Talent Website](

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8 Video Sites Besides YouTube

Eight video sites besides YouTube YouTube [reported a mind-boggling statistic of 20 hours of video uploaded every minute]( on the number one video sharing service on the planet. If you can’t get enough of it, below are eight popular video sites besides YouTube. Choices make life interesting right?

* [](
Hulu may well be the best competitor for YouTube. Too bad the service is currently only for US.

* [Vimeo](
Vimeo allows only user created content to be uploaded. It is the first video sharing site to support HD resolution video. Musicians such as Kanye West and Nine Inch Nails use Vimeo, so does the US White House.

* [Metacafe](
A popular site for video entertainment, powered by you.

* [](
The most popular site currently for live video streaming. Ashton Kutcher used it to announce live when he hits 1 million Twitter followers.

* [](
Competitor to

* [DailyMotion](
Originated from France and now getting over 50 millions visitors monthly from all over the world.

* [TuDou](
The biggest chinese video site based in Shanghai, China.

* [Veoh](
Depending on your luck, Veoh’s service might or might not be available in your country. Since May 2008, Veoh discontinued service in several countries in order to focus on market which it has the most viewers.

Found any notable video site that you could recommend?

YouTube Adds Closed Captioning


YouTube has added closed captioning feature, allowing video producers and uploaders to add captions and subtitles in over 120 languages. This feature also has the potential to allow YouTube to embed ads into videos.

If a video includes captions, viewers can activate them by clicking the caption button located on the bottom right of the video player. Clicking this button will allow viewers to choose which captions they want to see, especially for video with multiple captions. For now caption does not work with embedded YouTube video, you can only access captions when playing videos on YouTube website.

“You can add captions to one of your videos by uploading a closed caption file using the “Captions and Subtitles” menu on the editing page. To add several captions to a video, simply upload multiple files. If you want to include foreign subtitles in multiple languages, upload a separate file for each language.” – The YouTube Team

Some YouTube videos with captioning:

View more information about captioning at YouTube Help Center.

Watch YouTube On Your Tivo


You can now watch YouTube videos on Tivo digital video recorder (DVR). Available for users of broadband-connected TiVo HD and Tivo Series3 DVR models, the service allows Tivo subscribers to search for YouTube videos by keyword or browse videos by filters such as ‘Featured’, ‘Most recent’, ‘Top favorites’, ‘Most viewed’ and ‘Top rated’.

YouTube videos are streamed on-demand to the Tivo DVR, they are not stored on DVR, do not use any available recording space and do not appear on the Now Playing List. For mature contents on YouTube, Tivo advised subscribers to restrict the access using TiVo DVR’s built-in KidZone feature.

Tivo has posted a detailed instructions and videos on How to browse YouTube videos on your TiVo DVR.